6th Filing Seasonal Shutdown Notification

For property owners within the 6th filing only... 

Sunday, September 16 is the scheduled day for the seasonal water shut off for the 6th filing. 

To help our staff and volunteers prepare for this system shut down, please disconnect any hose lines from outside taps if possible. We recommend that anyone new to this system consider contacting a professional plumber to assist you with winterizing your lines. CLWSA will also provide tips and best practice reminders to assist you with this process. 

If you are in need of water past this date, please know that the small volume fill station is available for 50 gallon fills at no cost. The large volume fill station is also available for those interested in purchasing an Annual Large Volume Water fill.

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns at (970) 282-1071 or via e-mail: info@clwater.org 

Labor Day Holiday Hours

Labor Day is one of the busiest weekends at Crystal Lakes and for many, the last weekend of the year family and friends get to enjoy our beautiful area. 

CLWSA is extending our hours of operation to meet your water and sewer needs:

Saturday, September 1   9 a.m. - 12 p.m. (regular, weekend hours)

Sunday, September 2   9 a.m. - 12 p.m.  

Monday, September 3   9 a.m. - 12 p.m. 

Stop in and meet our staff or give us a call to schedule services with us at (970) 282-1071.  We're At Your Service! 

11th Filing Water Notification


Crystal Lakes Water and Sewer is actively addressing a water line break in the 11th filing. As a result, you may notice lower pressure and/or a reduction in volume including having no water until this
repair is complete.

If you have a cistern at your home in the 11th filing and in need of water, please contact Water and Sewer at (970) 282-1071  or the after-hours emergency number (970) 834-3488.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose for you or your guests during this weekend and potentially, the holiday weekend. Once this repair is made, we will post a notification here. 

Mission of the Water and Sewer Association

One of the most common questions new Crystal Lakes Property Owners ask is "Why do we have two Associations"? It boils down to our primary mission: to keep us legal with Colorado's water law and health policies. When approving this development back in the 1970s, the State of Colorado required this Association be created separate from the Road and Recreation Association, to ensure this mission could be met without compromise.  The Water and Sewer Association is not a typical homeowner's association, operating more like a utility or special water district by: