Large Volume Fill Station to be Shutdown for 24 hours

July 6, 2022

The Crystal Lakes Water and Sewer Association has been working with the State of Colorado to gain approval to bring the 2018 Well online and to install treatment for Lead and Copper for the 11th Filing Community Water System. This has lead us to replacing the tank on the water truck and answering questions concerning the 17,000-gallon storage tank that in integral to the systems operations.

The State engineers have asked us to take samples from the 17,000-gallon tank for inorganics and organics, but only after the water has had time to sit in the tank for a full 24-hours without the introduction of fresh water. If these samples come back with good results, we will be able to take another step forward in getting the approval we need to complete upgrades to the system.

In order to have water sitting in the tank for 24-hours, we will be shutting off the supply to the tank. The system will continue to supply the Small Volume Fill Station, Base Camp/Wapiti Center, and the properties on the system. To be sure that we do not drain the tank with usage, we will be closing the Large Volume Fill Station for the 24-hour period and no water hauls will take place within that timeframe.

The Large Volume Fill Station will be CLOSED at Noon today, Wednesday, July 6 and will reopen shortly after noon tomorrow, Thursday, July 7. 

The Association will send out another email tomorrow when the water service has been restored and the Large Volume Fill Station is back online.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
-CLWSA Office and Field Staff