Water Testing for Individual Properties

A frequently asked question at the Water & Sewer Office is where and how to get water tested. Many folks are concerned about the quality of water that they are getting from their wells, and while mountain water quality is generally very good, it is not a bad idea to know more about your water. At the very least you will learn if you need to filter to reduce mineral build up on fixtures, or you may find out that more treatment would be a good idea. This tool can also be helpful in making renovation decisions. How old is your plumbing and how is your well water effecting it?

Currently the Water & Sewer Association does not stock test kits nor has easy access to testing for individual property owners. Our Operator in Charge helps the CLWSA meet State and Federal testing requirements for our two community systems by pulling samples and delivering them to the lab in Commerce City, but that is the extent of it at this time.

Individual property owners have the option of working through the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment to collect samples and have them tested. Visit their website for more information or call (970) 498-6775.

A second option is to go through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. You can acquire water testing bottles via their website and send or deliver them for testing. Visit their website HERE.

A third option are home testing kits. The company Health MetricĀ® offers several different testing kits, depending on what you’re concerned about.

The Water & Sewer Office does have plans to create a water testing program in the future. Keep an eye on our emails and this website for updates.