Schedule a Work Order

To schedule a work order for a water haul or a sewer haul, click the button below:

To view our current fees, click HERE.

In July 2023 we removed porta potty clean-outs from the main work order sign-up. Instead we set up a sign-up just for porta potties. Rather than scheduling a particular day for the service, you now put your name on the list and the field crew will pull from the list as they plan their days. This will allow the field crew to work more efficently. Please be sure to plan ahead incase it take a few days to get to your porta potty. Please call the Water & Sewer Office if you have any questions. Use the button below to schedule for porta potty clean-outs ONLY:

If you are scheduling a water haul, do we have a Water Delivery Release of Liability on file for you? To be sure, click the button below, it will take you to where you can fill out and digitally sign a waiver. This is required before CLWSA can deliver water to your property. You only need to fill out the waiver once. The Water & Sewer office will keep it on file for future water deliveries.