Water Well Information

I don’t have a well on my property, but I would like to install one. What is the process? 

The first steps for installing a water well involve choosing a well drilling company, and coming by the CLWSA office to fill out our Water System Application. The Board must review and approve all water system applications. Our office will contact you for pick-up once the application is approved and signed. For a printable PDF version of the CLWSA Water System Application, click HERE.

Below is a list of well drilling companies that have done work in Crystal Lakes in the past:

  • Ingram Drilling Service – (800) 410-4542
  • Boulder GNC Water Well – (970) 484-6006
  • John’s Well Service – (303) 823-5344

Next, you will need to obtain a well permit through the Colorado Division of Water Resources. It is the responsibility of CLWSA to procure this permit for you. Below is a check list of what you will need to bring into the office to get the process started:

  • Payment. CLWSA charges an administrative fee, which includes filing fees with the State. This cost can be found on the Dues, Fees & Fines Schedule.  This payment can be made with a credit card, or a check made payable to Crystal Lakes Water & Sewer Association.
  • Your completed CLWSA Water System Application.
  • A copy of your property plat map indicating where you plan to drill the well.
  • Your completed Residential Water Well Permit Application from the State of Colorado. The drilling company you choose may do this for you, or at the very least help you with it.

A typical well application takes 4-6 weeks to process.  Your permit will be valid for a year once it is issued. 

For well pump servicing and installation, Wayne’s Pump Service has done work in Crystal Lakes in the past, (970) 484-8588. A second option would be John’s Well Service, listed above. Owners may use any vendor they choose.

For more information the Colorado Division of Water Resources has put together a Beginner’s Guide to Well Permits

Important Note:

Once your well is constructed, you are required to install a meter on the well. This is in accordance with our Water Augmentation Plan. Click HERE for the information sheet of the CLWSA approved meter as well as more information regarding this requirement.