Septic System Information

I don’t have a septic system and would like to install one. What do I need to do? 

If you are interested in installing a septic system, you will first need to get an application from our office. The Board must review and approve all septic applications. Our office will contact you for pick-up once the application is approved and signed.
You would then take it to Larimer County for further processing. Permits are given by the Larimer County Department of Health & Environment, specifically the On-site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) division.
They can be reached at (970)498-6775. Or click HERE for their website.

Septic systems are usually installed by excavators. Here is a list of those that have done work in Crystal Lakes:

  • Elkhorn Excavating – (970) 881-2422
  • Monroe Excavating – (970) 881-2456
  • Red Feather Excavating – (970) 617-0942
  • Peak 2 Peak Excavating – (970) 420-5086

Whether you install a full septic system with a leach field or a septic vault, CLWSA can help you with maintaining your system. Costs associated with these services can be found on our Dues, Fees & Fines Schedule.