Temporary Water Restrictions

Updated October 20, 2022
Affects Large Volume Fills – Water Deliveries

Things are improving a bit with the supply of water for the 11th Filing Community Water System, but we are not out of the woods yet.

To remind you what happened: The leak that occurred when CLWSA tested the line to the campground, along with subsequent equipment failures that lead to an additional leak between the well and the pumphouse have heavily taxed the well that supplies water to the 11th Filing Community Water System.

The Association is going to test lifting the 25-gallon/day restriction for the Small Volume Fill Station from now and over this next weekend. In other words, Small Volume Fills are back to 50-gallons per day. If all goes well, we may be able to slowly lift restrictions on water deliveries and Large Volume Fills, in that order. These restrictions were put into place in order to assure that everyone still has access to clean, potable drinking water. The following restrictions will remain in effect for now:

  • Annual Large Volume Fill users will only be allowed 400-gallons per week.
  • Water Deliveries will be reduced to the 650-gallon hauls only.
We ask that everyone else that uses the system in some way shape or form please consider these restrictions and try to conserve their own water usage. In order to protect the water source, the Water & Sewer Association needs everyone’s help and cooperation.

Please contact the Water & Sewer Office should you have any questions or concerns. Again, we are hopeful that these restrictions will only be necessary for a short period of time.