No Sledding on Panhandle Dam

Signs of sledding down Panhandle Dam face.

For the safety of the community, sledding is not allowed on Panhandle (Crystal Lake/Big Lake) Dam. Not only are you risking damage to the dam that could shorten it’s life, but more importantly, you are risking injury or even death using it as a sledding hill. Under what looks like a smooth, safe hillside is actually a steep slope of large rocks and boulders. It would be easy to get a foot caught, or the edge of a sled, resulting in a crash or fall. We relly don’t want to see anyone injured on the dam. Please stay off.

Short term rental folks, please pass this along to anyone that is renting your cabin. This is information that can easily slip throught the cracks, and renters are less likely to know what’s under the deep snow in a given area.

There is a designated sledding hill across Wapiti Drive from Base Camp. See map below.

The designated sledding hill is located across Wapiti Drive from Base Camp.