Water Truck is Down

Update, May 12, 2021
The water truck is back from the mechanic and the field techs are fulfilling some test water deliveries to make sure everything is working properly. CLWSA expects to have water hauls back on the SignUpGenius schedule beginning Monday, May 17th. We will also be adding porta potty hauls to the schedule at that time.

April 2, 2021

The Crystal Lakes Water & Sewer Association water truck went down this morning, right after making the day’s deliveries. The truck is going into the shop next week for repairs, but we have no idea how long it will take to get it back. Water hauls will be a bit different until we get the truck returned.

You will have two options:

  1. Self-haul: CLWSA has a tank that we can loan out for folks to do self hauls. While the truck is down we will increase the One-time Large Volume amount to 600-gallons for $75.
  2. Delivered water: CLWSA can deliver water using a smaller tank on our Dodge pick-up. This would be a 600-gallon haul for $110 ($75 we would charge for a self haul plus $35 for our time.)

These will be the options until we get the big truck back. Water Hauls have been removed from SignUpGenius for the time being. Please call our office to make arrangements for a water haul in the meantime.

CLWSA Office phone: (970) 881-2861

Thank you for your patienc and understanding as we work through this.
-CLWSA staff